FioTec - AWATEC: Membrane technology

NEW! We just have integrated MWT AG Switzerland,
the leader in Membrane Technology with many years of
valuable experience and thousands of system and plants
sucessfully installed in Europe and Middle East!


Membrane Technology
Separation of oil-water emulsions
recovery of chemicals for various industries
fruit juice manufacturing, separation of valued by-pruducts in many industries


We serve customers in a variety of industries and crafts:
Automobil Electroplating Powerplant Food and beverages:
Producers of cheese, wine and
juices (raisin, fruit, vegetable)
Machines, Metal Surface treatment Waste treatment
Chemistry Electronics, boards Garages
Pharma Glass Railways
Printing, Dyeing Watch making Airlines

We specialize in:
Waste water purification e.g. metal ions, hydrocarbons, COD etc.
Recycling of process, rinse, waste and bath waters e.g. electroplating, degreasing, emulsions etc.
Recovery, purification, concentration of valuable substances e.g. metals, paints, raisin & fruit juices
Preparation of drinking and process water e.g. desulfurization of deep well water

For new plants and expansions we offer:
Analyses of plant problems, concepts
Process layout & development, pilot plants
Planning, construction, plant start - up
Process automation
Telemetric plant control
Service and repair

Our technologies:
Membrane filtration e.g. micro-, nano-, ultra filtration, reverse osmosis
Evaporation e.g.
Ion exchange e.g. water recycling plants
Detoxification, precipitation, neutralization e.g.
Biofermentation e.g. in combination with membrane filtration

Membrane Technology: Micro-, Ultrafiltration
Ultrafiltration plant
  • recycling of degreasing and washing solutions
  • separation of oil/water emulsions
  • recovery of paint dispersions
  • treatment of photo-resist wastes
  • purification of saline cheese bathing solutions from microbial contamination

Membrane Technology: Reverse Osmosis
Reverse osmosis plant
  • rinsing water recycling (electroplating, machine / glass industry)
  • concentration of heavy / precious metal salts
  • process water preparation
  • concentration of fruit and vegetable juice
  • concentration of raisin juice (especially in wine making)
  • concentration of whey
  • desalination of sea and well water (Europe, USA, Middle East countries only)

Ion exchange plant
  • recycling of rinsing water in electroplating
  • restauration of process-bath solutions
  • final removal of heavy metal traces
  • recovery of precious substances
  • removal of iron from electrolytic baths
  • recovery of acids by retardation
  • drinking on process water preparation

Physical / Chemical Treatments:
Evaporation, Precipitation, Neutralisation
Physical / chemical treatment
  • evaporators, often in combination with reverse osmosis
  • batch treatment of process waste waters with high solute concentrations or solute mixtures
  • precipitation, flotation, cracking etc.
  • pre- and after-treatment: sedimentation, skimming, filtration etc.

Communication and Automation:
PLC controller
  • economic advanced process measuring and electronic control systems guarantee reliable functioning of plants in the absence of supervising personnel
  • option of permanent or periodic telemetric plant supervision and control by FioTec/AWATEC by PC to PC communication via phone lines, internet or satellite link (eg. for piloting, problem solving or routine operation)
  • Advanced SCADA systems, fully customized systems and integartion into existing networks

Frequently combinations of the listed technologies are employed

Often installed plants for: Water, waste water, recycling, fruit- and vegetable juices
  • Decontamination of galvanic waters and regenerates
  • Treatment and disposal of emulsions (Industry and commerce: Machines, metal, transportations, cleaning processes)
  • Treatment of organic highly contaminated waste waters (Food- and chemical industry)
  • Treatment of printing, painting, semi-conductor, scrubber industry waste waters
  • Post-treatment of existing waste water treatment plant, that do not fullfill the authority standards any more
  • Circulation and recycling of wash waters, dipping stations (De-greasing bath, powder coating pre-treatment...)
  • Rycycling of wash waters back to the process
  • Recovery of value substances from washing waters (Metals, pigments, acids...)
  • Concentrating of grape juice and all other fruit and vegetable juices, as well as all dairy products
  • Concentration of whey: The cheese factory company saves the transport to the cattle fattening breeder. On the other hand it receives a higher price for its products, because the breeder can feed more whey per piece of cattle and can therefore save other animal food
  • Sterilization of salt caustic solution in cheese factories: Through this the standing time of the salt bath is extended many times
  • Concentration of grape juice as alternative to sugar wine with beet sugar: As the flavour materials are up-concentrated, the wine becomes more contentful in comparison to the conventional methods
  • processing of: VE-Water, Aqua Purificata, cleanest water, drinking water (from sea water, rivers, surface water, also removal of nitrate), process water, boiler water (to protect the systems), process optimization of dipping stations, relief of existing waste water treatment plants, saving of chemicals in existing processes

Some of our references:

ABB, Alusuisse, Bayer, Bosch, Clariant, Circuit Foil, Deutsche Bahn, ETA, Hilti,
Hoogovens, Johnson Matthey, Krupp, SBB (Swiss Railways), Thyssen, Unitech...

You find our plants in the entire EU, Middle East and subsidiaries of European customers in Asia and the Americas.

We provide Swiss quality and reliability - at European prices.

Our engineers develop economic separation techniques for anorganic and organic aqueous solutions. Experiments for the development of new applications are often performed together with our customers in their premises.

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